Arrangments & Offers

Festivals, cabaret, corepitition, composition, musicals…
FESTIVALS: I’ve been playing in the lead Band of MEF (Music festival of Medimurje)

CABARET: I perform with an opera singer and it consists of chansons and satire arranged for a wider audience

COREPITITION: I worked with the child choir from Šenkovec and with the women choir from Strahoninec

COMPOSITION: It includes writing lyrics and music for genres of your choice. I compose music for kids, choirs, singers, bands…

MUSICALS: Since 2013 I’ve been playing in the musical “Les Miserables” in the production of Cornerstone Arts Croatia

OTHER ARRANGEMENTS: I preform with singers, classical and acoustic duets, and independent artists, with musical groups that consist of 4 and more instruments


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