Darko Golubić was born on November 13. 1971 in Čakovec as the first child of Antun and Katarina Golubić. At the age of 5 he starts showing big interest in music and also starts singing at kindergarten talent shows. His parents also discover the passion for music and sign him up for music school at the age of 9. At the age of 13 he starts showing a lot of interest for religious music by playing in the church. At the same he’s playing the “tambura” in a folklore band. His brilliant performance of “Alla Turca” by Mozart at the final production of the elementary musical school changed the course of his education. After the elementary school he starts going to the musical high school in Varaždin – the piano course. Apart from his interest for piano and classical music, he also shows interest for choir singing, work of musical assistance and playing in a Dixieland septet. He performed two times with the high school choir on the famous Baroque evenings in Varaždin.

After his high school education he starts performing in bands and develops interest for other musical genres – Jazz, Funk, Rock, Croatian and foreign music. He plays in the Big Band of Čakovec from 1992 to 1994. Between 1996 and 2000 he starts gaining experience as a teacher, teaching piano and solfeggio to a group of 10 students. At the same time he also performs with a choir from Čakovec – the Josip Štolcer Slavenski choir. Just by coincidence he discovers his talent for humour, imitating famous people and singers and entertaining the audience through ceremonies.

In his rich career he worked with many famous Croatian singers: Zdenka Kovačićek, Mirko & Tony Cetinski, Matko Jelavić, Zdravko Škender, Dražen Zečić, Jasna Zlokić, Maja Blagdan, Boris Kosmač, he was also in the band of Werner Brozović and Davor Borno on tour across Slovenia. He is also active in the studio, recording piano sections for choirs, bands and singers.
Since 2013 Darko plays in the musical “Les Miserables” in the organisation of Cornerstone Arts Croatia and works with them in different musical projects.
He participated on the world known “Kurzweil forte video contest” in 2015 and won the second place with the most viewed video as chosen by the Kurzweil team.

He is a regular member of the Croatian Music Union (HGU) and the Croatian Society of Composers (HDS). He specializes in jazz piano at the renowned music school “Karol Pahor” Ptuj. He is a teacher of piano and ballet choreography at the Primary School „Miroslav Magdalenić“ Čakovec.
He’s the CEO and founder of the company „Glazbeni atelje Golubić“ with headquarters in Čakovec, Croatia.


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