Program for Elementary school

Program for piano lessons is designed for elementary school, but also motivates playing the piano as a hobby.

The goal is to pass my knowledge and experience on to young talents, who don’t have the time to get all the help during class, but also to kids who are motivated to learn more about playing the piano.
These lessons are motivating and inspiring, enable constant achievements and personal development. It also offers preparations for competitions, exams or performances.
Children will learn more about musical literature, various techniques and methods of practising, starting from the easiest to the more advanced ones. These lessons are strictly individual and the plan for every student is organized on the first meeting, free of charge.
The lessons are divided into 7 categories:
1. Scales
2. Methods of practice
3. Etude
4. Polyphony
5. Sonatas
6. Individual composers
7. Compositions selected by choice

Apart from the program, it is also possible to create an advanced program that includes listening to piano concerts and experimenting with advanced piano literature.


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